Adventure Bay Markets

Contact: Helen: (03) 62931551

Sew N Sews

Quilting Group

Contact: Cynthia Turnbull: (03) 6293-1493

Bruny Walking Group

Contact: Peter Foran: (03) 6260-6340

Contact: Claire Perin: (03) 6293-1143

Bruny Island Arts Inc.

Bruny Island Community Association Inc. (BICA) affiliated

Contact: Megan Weston: (03) 6293-1015

E-mail: Megan_Weston

Visit: Arts_Inc.

Bruny Bowls Club

New members and visitors welcome.

Contact: John Kobylec: (03) 6293-1205

E-mail: John_Kobylec

Visit: Bowls_Club

Bruny Island Cricket Club

Contact: Kim Post: (M) 0427 931 374

E-mail: Cricket_Club

Bruny Island Community
Association Inc. (BICA)

Contact: Jenny Boyer: (03) 6293-1113

Bruny Island Community

Is affiliated with Bruny Island Community Associationn and has community meetings prior to each Community Association, and meet on the Sunday of each month.

Contact: Hilary Cane: (03) 6293-1335

Bruny Island Film Society

Contact: Tony Korab: (03) 6293-1320

E-mail: Tony_Korab

Visit: Film_Society

Community Health
Advisory Committee

Contact: Jeff Duniam: (03) 6293-1100

Bruny Island
Community Library

Health Lending Library

Contact: Deborah Townrow: (03) 6260-6220

E-mail: Deborah_Townrow

Bruny Island Historical Society

Contact: Kathy Duncombe : (03) 6260-6287

Bruny Island Online Access Centre

Contact: Tony Korab: (03) 6293-2036

E-mail: Tony_Korab

Bruny Island Pistol Club

Contact: Bruce Smart: (M) 0428 446 329

Bruny Island Respite
Community House Inc.

BIRCH provides respite days for the community. Other services include Bus Trips for members.

Contact: Sheryl Lampkin: (03) 6260-6446

E-mail: Sheryl_Lampkin

Bruny Island Returned
Services Club RSL

Contact: G. Nicols: (03) 6293-1186

E-mail: G._Nicols

Bruny Island Woolcraft Group

Contact: Diane Byrne: (03) 6293-2041

Friends of Adventure Bay

Contact: Charles Turnbull: (03) 6293-1493

E-mail: Charles_Turnbull

Great Bay Coast Care Group

The Great Bay Coast Care Group's aims are to restore and preserve the Great Bay Coastal area.

Contact: Pauline Kay: (03) 6260-6460

North Bruny Island
CWA Bruny Hall Bookings

Country Women's Association

Contact: Christa Sell: (03) 6260-6277



Bruny Island CWA

Country Women's Association

Contact: Christa Sell: (03) 6260-6277

District School

Each child is inspired and empowered to attain excellence in all they do... more

Address: 15 School Road, Alonnah

Phone: (03) 6293-1147

Principal: Joanne Waldo

E-mail: Education_Tas

Visit: District_School