Fluted Cape challenging, steep climbs, 3 hours return

Bruny Island walks; Fluted Cape

Dry forests, whaling history, views to Tasman Peninsula, soaring seacliffs, sea eagles.

Follow the Grass Point track until you reach the open grassland at Penguin Island. The circular route can be taken by following the Fluted Cape circuit sign. The track climbs steeply, staying close to the coastal cliffs providing spectacular views of Fluted Cape and the more distant Tasman Peninsula. White Breasted Sea Eagles may be seen along the cape soaring in the thermals. After about 50 minutes you will reach a sign that says ‘Fluted Cape return via circuit’ where you begin a gradual descent returning to Adventure Bay.
This walk should not be attempted by young unescorted children.

Grassy Pointmoderate, 90 minutes return

Bruny Island walks; Grassy Point

Coastal walk, suitable for families, mainly flat, whaling history information trail, dry forest, Southern Right Whales.

This walk commences at the Adventure Bay entrance to the National Park. There is parking available at the very end of Adventure Bay road. Start the walk by going along the short beach next to the carpark and turn left. The track is well formed, suitable for families, keeps close to the coast and is mainly flat with a few gentle ups and downs. Grass Point is an open grassland where there are visible remains of structures associated with the bay whaling industry. Captain Kelly’s whaling station was recently the subject of archaeological research. Southern Right Whales have returned to Adventure Bay and can be seen during migration times, heading north from June to September and south from September to late October, along this section of the coast.

1 Mavista: easy, 30 mins return.   2 Mt Mangana: moderate, 90 mins return
3 Clennett’s top mill site: easy, 30 mins return

Bruny Island walks; Mavista, Mount Mangana, Clennett's top mill site

These walks take you through pristine rainforest. Bruny Islands forest history is depicted on information boards at various locations, and plants are identified by markers along the way on the Mavista Walk

Mavista Nature Walk: (easy) 30 mins return, rainforest, a lovely walk that meanders through a fern glade next to Waterfall Creek, access is off Resolution road at Adventure Bay.

Mount Mangana: (moderate) 1.5 hours return, rainforest, ferns and eucalypt, spectacular panoramic views.

Clennett’s ‘Top Mill’ site: (easy) western side of Coolangatta Road, 30 mins return. Old mill site, vintage machinery,interpretation boards. Rainforest and eucalypt.

slide track demanding, 6 hours one way

Bruny Island walks; the slide track

Do not attempt this walk without the map brochure for this walk, available for purchase through retail outlets.

Maintained by Forestry Tasmania, the track follows an abandoned timber-getting tramway, traversing inland of the South Eastern coastline of South Bruny Island for 13 kilometres one-way through medium forest with dense, low vegetation.
This track traverses rocky and undulating terrain through wet forest with slippery, uneven surfaces and ‘Leeches’. You will require robust footwear, warm clothing and wet weather gear as the weather can be upredictable.
Pack food, drinks, insect repellent, and a small first aid kit.
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