Adventure Bay was named after captain Tobias Furneaux' ship the Adventure (1773) Adventure Bay is an area of national historic significance for a number of reasons; pre-European occupation, major stopping-place for early explorers (Cook, Bligh, d'Entrecasteaux, Tobin, Furneaux), first specimen of Eucalypt in world (type species) collected here in 1777, planting of first European trees on Australian soil, earliest examples of colonial art (Furneaux 1773, Foster and Webber 1777, Tobin 1792), major whaling station, sawmilling with notable achievements and relics of industry preserved. Many of the sites and artefacts of these historical events still exist. The local environment has undergone less change than other similar places in Australia. A large eastern facing bay on Bruny Island. It's the first sheltered anchorage for ships crossing the Southern Ocean. Much of the natural environment is similar in appearance to what it would have been like prior to European occupation. The northern portion is bordered by a narrow sand neck and high dunes. These are still primarily in natural condition. A series of rocky headlands and beaches extend from the southern part of the Neck to Fluted Cape, the southern extremity of the bay. This section is backed by a range of forested hills to 525m in height. Numerous small streams enter the bay from these hills.

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