Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Colonial architect John Lee Archer designed the 13 metre high Cape Bruny lighthouse. it was built from lical stone and cost 2,500 pounds to build even though it was constructed using free convict labour. The lighthouse was lit in 1838 and is the oldest continuously-manned lighthouse in Australia. It was decommissioned in 1996, when it was replaced by a solar-powered tower. The original parabolic reflectors used approximately half a litre of sperm (whale) oil every hour of use. Until 1915 the jetty at Jetty Beach in Great Taylors Bay was used by sail- and then steam-ships, that anchored in the bay to unload supplies and livestock for the lightstation. The supplies were taken by horse and cart along a rough three mile track to the lightstation. The road from Lunawanna was built around 1960.

Bruny Island Life

The Lighthouse was built by convict labour using locally quarried rock. The original light source for the light tower consisted of fifteen lamps burning nearly a pint of oil per hour…. more

Iron Pot Lighthouse

Bull Bay was a major whaling-station in the 1820’s.You may see the whales coming close to shore to give birth to their young. From the lookout above the bay you can watch the Sydney to Hobart yacht race as it enters the Derwent estuary. White breasted sea-eagles also nest here. Iron Pot is the first lighthouse built in Tasmania. It is also the second oldest lighthouse in Australia and was the first to be converted to solar power in 1977. Many families lived on the barren rocky outcrop. the island is so barren that a vegetable garden was set up on the banks of the Derwent River estuary so that the families could grow fresh food.

the lighthouse tour

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